F.Mary Poppins


17 Apr

Never EVER get tired of her !


I feel like Emma Thompson is 100% that cool crazy aunt who sometimes has six glasses of wine at dinner and says stuff like “You know, we all thought your dad was gay until he knocked up your mom — OH SORRY JIM,” and then joins the men in the living room for an after-dinner cigar and puts the lit end in her mouth and it doesn’t even faze her.

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13 Apr

Nah… Nope… 

13 Apr

I think I´m in love 


Norma Shearer and Tyrone Power at the premiere of Marie Antoinette, 1938

10 Apr




I made this video after realizing people have been bluntly plagiarizing my work. I tell you what I THINK about people who REPOST art without proper CREDIT!!!!

09 Apr he hum mé mu he
and Me!

he hum mé mu he

and Me!

09 Apr

08 Apr

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08 Apr

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08 Apr

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08 Apr

What a film! I´m drying my tears ;.;!

P.s: In my opinion, Norma Shearer based her character on Greta Garbo way of talking hahaha 


Actor meme » Norma Shearer [1/2] Films you never get tired of watching

 Idiot´s Delight (1939)

Harry Van: The world you live in isn’t a world of facts and figures, it’s a world of dreams. Maybe that’s what I like about you Irene.

Irene Fellara: And maybe you’re wrong my darling. Maybe we two cheap people, with our cheap lives, maybe we’re the only ones in this crazy world who are real.